I am using the UMAT code for sand hypoplasticity provided by Prof. Masin — https://soilmodels.com/download/plaxis-umat-hypoplas-zip/. I am simulating Axisymmetric condition in Abaqus. To check the results given by the hypoplastic model for sand. I started with a simple model as shown here. I have two steps: Geostatic step and pressure step. The parameters used as shown in the figures. I added permeability for the soil (as shown below) because I need it.

The problem is when I run the model using the UMAT code, it completes without showing/implementing any step calculation (photo attached) and no results will be found. When I use one of the materials models built in Abaqus, the model runs correctly. What is the issue. could you Please help !!.

Thanks in advance.

5555555555-2.JPG vvvv-3.JPG 111111-0.JPG 22222222-1.JPG

  1. Kassem Dib
    Kassem Dib 1 week ago

    Dear Isma..
    I don’t know if it is possible to use permeability beside mechanical constant of the user defined material in Abaqus..
    Why you are using permeability?

    • Isma Khabis Author
      Isma Khabis 1 week ago

      I think you are correct. I think I have done two mistakes here. The first one is the solver; I am using soil solver that defines consolidation. This should be changed to static. The second is the permeability. I will change them and see.

  2. Isma Khabis Author
    Isma Khabis 1 week ago

    It is still not working Mr Kassem. Can I send you the model and the UMAT to check please.

  3. Kassem Dib
    Kassem Dib 1 week ago

    Hello Isma..
    Sorry for replying late..
    This is my email:

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