Hello Everyone,
I am using the UMAT code for clay hypoplasticity provided by Prof. Masin — https://soilmodels.com/download/plaxis-umat-hypoplas-zip/
I made a test model in Abaqus2020 and applied the umat code (umat_hcea.for). But there was no calculation results, as shown in Fig.1, and the error message was shown in Fig.2. Meanwhile, I found the error message “libirc.lib(fast_mem_ops.obj) : warning LNK4210: .CRT section exists; there may be unhandled static initializers or terminators” in “XX.log” file.
I tried other umat codes, and they are worked well.
So, how can I fix it? Has anyone else encountered this situation?
Thank you very much!

000001-0.PNG 000002-1.PNG

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  1. Sebastián Labbé
    Sebastián Labbé 1 year ago

    Did you manage to sort this out?

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