Prof. David Masin, I am posting the queries I have emailed you earlier which you have answered and therefore I am posting it here as per your request. I wish to bring to your attention on one of the input parameters which is the bulk modulus of water, Kw. According to the PLAXIS implementation of Hypoplasticity guide which comes with the UDSM dll file from PLAXIS, it was recommended that Kw = 0 for drained analysis, consolidation analysis and undrained analysis.

However, if I refer to your webpage , (refer to uploaded image) based on a sample of London Clay parameters under the parameters tab, the Kw is a large value adopting the Penalty approach instead of 0 as recommended by PLAXIS implementation on hypoplasticity guide. Appreciate if you could advise which is the correct input. Thank you.

B0C02560-2580-4BAD-AAE1-235F4D0D6881-1.jpeg C04ABE3F-E5F4-4A18-8CC8-BF73B1E9116C-0.jpeg

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  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 2 years ago

    Dear Joel,
    Thanks for posting the question here so that potentially the others may also benefit from it.
    You have basically two options:
    – Par 15=Kw & Drained material set in plaxis
    – Par 15=0 & Undrained material set in plaxis
    The reslults should be the identical.
    The reason for having Kw in the parameter table is just to Abaqus, which does not have the “undrained” option so setting Kw through the user defined soil model parameter table is the only option.
    Regards David

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