1. Wang Shun
    Wang Shun 4 years ago

    Dear Shile,

    for element tests, it is better to use a Matlab script rather than Abaqus, which would be much slower. The cyclic loading can be applied by either amplitude deviatoric stress or amplitude axial strain.

    Best regards

  2. Wei Feng
    Wei Feng 3 years ago

    Dear Shile,

    I suggest you to use software like: Incremental Driver or Triax elemnet test Driver. Those element test softwares are much more convenient for you to modeling undrained cyclic loading traixal tests.
    You can find them in this website.


    MOHD SAQIB 3 years ago

    I am also trying to figure out how exactly can anyone apply cyclic loading in Abaqus. I apply amplitude/time data for the same but my deviatoric stress isn’t reaching the negative side. Can anyone tell me how to apply stress-controlled cyclic load in Abaqus?. e:g qmax(max deviatoric stress is +-300.

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