I am testing SaniSand constitutive model as published by Mr. Masin at this site. The Abaqus is V21 and the visual studio 2017 with OneAPI compiler, the Abaqus verification gives pass for all subroutines, however the following error occurs :
“Abaqus/Standard analysis exited with an error-please see the massages file…” .
The model works correctly using abaqus 2017 with vs2013 and intelXE2017.
I am very confused about this problem.

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  1. Anis Kheffache
    Anis Kheffache 2 years ago

    There is a known issue with the oneAPI compiler, not all umat works when using oneAPI, I thought they would have fixed it by now but apparently, it’s not the case. This is an unfortunate situation because it will push researchers to buy previous intel compiler versions instead of using the already free oneAPI compiler

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