1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 4 years ago

    Hi Meng, it is here: https://soilmodels.com/download/plaxis-umat-sanisand/ in file implementation/umat.for. David

    • Meng Xiaowei Author
      Meng Xiaowei 4 years ago

      thank you very much!,but my meaning is that where can I find related literature about explainning the formula of the above code.

      • David Mašín
        David Mašín 4 years ago

        I think this is simple switch allowing to define friction angle directly in degrees, or as M=q/p at failure. If below 5, the algorithm assumes that you entered M, if above 5 , the algorithm assumes you entered friction angle in degrees. This is just a technicality about how to input parameters, I do not think there is in any literature for it. David

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