Dear all,
I am a PhD student in China University of geosciences. Recently, I have been working on the simulation of a pile-soil interaction with Abaqus. I simulate the sand with the sand hypoplasticity model provided by Prof. Masin.
However, When I call the umat.for file, an error like “No vumat subroutine was supplied for the user material named: material-1” always appears.
I did not find a solution to this error on the Internet, so I ask for help. Any suggestion or comment will be appreciated.


  1. Kunpeng Wang Author
    Kunpeng Wang 4 years ago

    Maybe I need to use vumat.for file instead of umat.for file. So where can I download the vumat.for file of Hypoplastic? I need both clay and sand.

    • Rachel White
      Rachel White 4 years ago

      How did you convert the umat.for file to vumat.for file? I have tried utilizing the interface code by Bienen but am confused.

  2. Arie Koot
    Arie Koot 4 years ago

    Use abaqus standard (implicit solver) instead of abaqus explicit.

  3. Mohammad Abdi
    Mohammad Abdi 2 years ago

    Watch the follow video, maybe it’s will be useful:

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