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I am trying to calibrate the HP for sand, and I have quite comprehensive data. but they are not totally consistent with each other . we have the results of tests on two kind of samples. Samples extracted directly from the boreholes (Disturbed) , and batch samples which are completely reconstituted . I am wondering if the calibration only based on the latter samples is correct or not. Considering that I am also dealing with small strain parameters calibration. could anybody help me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you

  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 6 years ago

    I would recommend to find compressibility parameters hs and n on loose reconstituted samples, and the rest on borehole samples, as they will be closer to the in-situ soil behaviour, although disturbed.
    If you calibrate all parameters on reconstituted samples, you should at least try to make sure relative density of the reconstituted sample is similar to the relative density in-situ.
    In the model, void ratio is used as a state variable so it should cover this effect even if relative densities are different, but the most accurate calibration is always achieved if you test the soil at in-situ state.
    I would not calibrate small strain stiffness parameters on reconstituted samples, as small strain stiffness will be affected by some even minor inter-particle cementation and structure of natural sand which is impossible to be reproduced in reconstituted samples.

  2. Pooyan Ghasemi Author
    Pooyan Ghasemi 6 years ago

    Dear David and other members of this nice website

    Thanks to your guide and the models which you have provided , I succeeded to simulated one of the classical case study related to the static liquefaction of Slope (Eckeresly 1990) using Hypoplastic model and Material point method. For the calibration of the model I used the method which David suggested. I would like to share my happiness to you show the capability of Hypoplastic model in simulating complex phenomena (I will present this work in detail in Numge 2018 – Porto )

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