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I find it difficult to apply equations (13) and (14) of Herle’s publication “Determination of parameters of a hypoplastic constitutive model from properties of grain assemblies”.

As for equation 13, in the definition of the compression index Cc = -de/d ln(Ts1 /Ts0 ) Ts1 indicates the axial tension but I do not understand what Ts0 indicates.

As far as equation 14 is concerned, I have a doubt. Referring to an oedometric test, for which ps = -(Ts1 + 2 * Ts2 )/3= -(1+2*K0)/3*Ts1, I calculate the curve on the plane e – ln ps.

So I calculate Cc1, Cc2 and I get an estimate of n from equation 14. But are Cc of equation 13 and Cc1, Cc2 of equation 14 calculated in the same way ?

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  1. David Mašín
    David Mašín 5 years ago

    Hi Francisco, please check slide 29 in “Mašín, D. (2015) Part 4: Determination of material parameters, PhD course “Hypoplasticity for Practical Applications” handouts [Presentation]” in SoilModels publication database. This way gives the best results by my experience.

    You may also compare and fine-tune your values using

    Regards David

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