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ExCalibre is an online tool which enables users to automatically calibrate advanced soil constitutive models. It adopts a unique model-specific calibration algorithm respecting physical meaning of material parameters, rather than using a blind parameter optimisation. It thus reproduces thinking of an experienced engineer calibrating the model, leading to a reliable parameter set to be used in geotechnical simulations. After calibration, the user can manually change the parameters to fine-tune the calibration or to investigate the effect of individual parameters on model predictions. Simple Excel spreadsheet based on the provided template is used as an input. In addition to automatic calibartion, ExCalibre also acts as an element test driver simulating standard laboratory tests.

License & Website

Laboratory test simulation free for all visitors
Automatic calibration free for SoilModels members

Available Constitutive Models

[Other constitutive models, not present in SoilModels database]
Modified Cam-clay model

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  1. Xianwei Zhang
    Xianwei Zhang 6 years ago

    no downing? it is coming soon?

    • David Mašín Author
      David Mašín 6 years ago

      Hi Xianwei, yes, please wait few days or early weeks. ExCalibre is already fully functional, but we tune some final issues to ensure maximum robustness before we release it to public…

  2. Xianwei Zhang
    Xianwei Zhang 6 years ago

    thank you

  3. Francisco Mendez
    Francisco Mendez 6 years ago

    Dear prof David Mašín thank you very much for sharing this useful software. Could you also provide the software manual and the theoretical guide?

    • David Mašín Author
      David Mašín 6 years ago

      Dear Fracisco,
      Thank you for your interest.
      We do not have any dedicated “software manual” or “theoretical guide”.
      As a theretical guide, please study references from our pdf database related to the two constitutive models:
      Actually , when you know what is going on, actually no software manual is needed. The software is programmed to be simple to use, the help text appearing when hoovering mouse above “?” should be sufficient to run it.
      Regards David

  4. Ashraf AHMED
    Ashraf AHMED 1 day ago

    Dear all,
    I’m studying the behaviour of the monopile-soil system subjected to cyclic lateral loading using Hypoplastic constitutive model to simulate the soil behavior.
    I’m trying to calibrate the Hypoplastic model parameters for Fontainebleau sand using ExCalibre. However, with this tool, i can only calibrate the parameters of the monotonic load (i.e. ϕ, hs, n, ed0, ec0, ei0, α and β). So, my question is how to calibrate the cyclic parameters (i.e. MR, MT, R, χ, βr)?.
    can any one help ?.
    Best regards,

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