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PLAXIS 2D and 3D are powerful and user friendly finite element package intended for two-dimensional and three-dimensional analyses of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry. Applications range from excavations, embankment and foundations to tunnelling, mining and reservoir geomechanics.

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Commercial, free trial available.

Available Constitutive Models

[Other constitutive models, not present in SoilModels database]
Soft Soil creep, Soft soil, Sekiguchi-Ohta, Viscid & Inviscid, NGI-ADP model, Mohr-Coulomb, Modified Cam Clay, Jointed Rock, HS Small strain stiffness

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  1. Ashkan Fa
    Ashkan Fa 4 years ago

    Hi. I have a problem in modeling pavement with geogrid by Plaxis. can you help me in this case? Thank you.

  2. Ayzukra Ablimit
    Ayzukra Ablimit 3 years ago

    Does Plaxis 2D or 3D has Cam -Clay or Modified Cam-Clay model? in which versions? in the older versions, can Soft Soil Model or Soft Soil Creep model be used as the same as Cam-Clay model? Thank you!

  3. 略轩 黄
    略轩 黄 3 years ago

    Hi. Can someone provide Barcelona basic model (Alonso) for PLAXIS? Thank you very much.

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